Q:  I love acupuncture but I can only afford to go when something in my body is hurting or bothering me.

A:  Acupuncture works best when used regularly for maintaining health.  Clients who come for acupuncture on a regular basis, even once per month, stay healthier and happier.  Waiting until something in your body is broken will take more time (and therefore money) to fix in the long run.  The body wants to perform for you and it thrives when nourished frequently on all levels.

Q:  My spouse insists I come for acupuncture, but I’m a skeptic.

A:  You don’t have to “believe” in acupuncture for it to work.  For example acupuncture has been used for animals with great success and the animal didn’t have to buy into any belief system to get results.  It has been my experience that most people who are in pain, are open to alternative healing methods that will ultimately help them feel better.

Q:  How come I cannot use my insurance to pay for acupuncture?

A:  I would LOVE it if acupuncture was covered by insurance plans.  Unfortunately, coverage for acupuncture by insurance companies vary state to state.  In Arizona, many companies won’t cover or reimburse for acupuncture.  If your company does provide reimbursement, I will be happy to provide the necessary paperwork for you to submit.

Q:  I am needle phobic!  What does acupuncture feel like?

A:  It is normal to feel a sensation when the needle is tapped in, but it’s not usually painful. Some people cannot feel the needles at all while others are more sensitive and feel euphoric.  I have treated several people in the past who were anxious prior to the session and pleasantly surprised by the great feeling they experience afterward.

Q:  I feel good after my treatment but only for a few days.

A:  Acupuncture is cumulative, so the closer and more frequent the treatments, the faster the body will heal.  If you have had a chronic condition, you may need several treatments to have a permanent shift.  At first, you should experience positive changes following each session leading to a more comprehensive breakthrough.  Similar to a snowball effect.