Esoteric Acupuncture

Esoteric acupuncture focuses on the spiritual side of healing.  Esoteric acupuncture was developed by Dr. Mikio Sankey and is used to help the heart frequencies of the body expand.  This expansion helps to elevate the consciousness of the individual which then ripples to the outer world as well.   By inserting the acupuncture needles in geometric shapes the chakras can be brought back into balance resulting in powerful emotional and physical transformation.

Below are commonly used esoteric acupuncture treatments, however,  your acupuncturist can help find what pattern is best for you.

Spirit Path:  Align divine wisdom with heart & mind; enable dreams to become manifest.

Inward Spiral:  Allow you to speak truth & be heard in a loving way.  Increase flexibility; release anger, guilt and feeling overburdened.

Pattern of Truth:  Stregthen your personal power; see true about ourselves and others; understand our “gut” feelings; release repetitive dysfunctional patterns.

Clarity & Harmony:  Gather wisdom from celestial realms, clarify goals and needs; manifest with wisdom and direct life’s work.

Celestial Tuning Fork:  Align and ground to mother earth energies; harmonize our natural pitch; enable natural defense against disease.

Acupuncture has given me hope that I can live a life without suffering from migraines.
— Amanda