Initial acupuncture treatments last about 1 hour and 30 minutes.  In the initial assessment, your acupuncturist will evaluate the condition of the internal organ systems according to Chinese medical theory.  Considering signs such as sleep patterns, digestive function, pain and emotional states the practitioner can pinpoint areas of the body that need balancing.  Acupuncture treatments are tailored to your primary complaint and your current level of health.

Initial treatments are $100

Follow-up acupuncture treatments last 45min-1 hour.  Everyone responds differently to acupuncture so the number of follow-ups will depend upon how you feel following the first session.  Typically, patients see changes within the first 3-4 treatments and more permanent improvements within 10 treatments.  Many people continue to use acupuncture once a month to prevent illness and keep stress at bay.

Follow-up treatments are $70

Cupping therapy is used to break up stagnant energy and blood in the body.  A vacuum is created in the cup with either heat or suction and placed directly on the skin.  This pressure system allows toxins to flow out of the skin into the cup.  Once the obstructions are cleared, new energy can send fresh blood to oxygenate the area.  Cupping promotes rapid healing from trauma, relieves pain and promotes weight loss/cellulite removal. Cupping will be provided based upon need according to your Chinese medical diagnosis.  If needed, it is included in the cost of your acupuncture session.

Community style acupuncture has become an increasingly popular & affordable method in maintaining health and balance on a weekly basis. As a microsystem of the body, any condition can be treated with the ear.  Stop by anytime for a boost in energy, stress reliever or detox auricular treatment for only $30.

I’ve been going to Janelle for more than a few years now. Acupuncture has helped recover quickly from sports injuries without surgery. I don’t just go when I’m hurt but every month to stay balanced & centered.
— Rich