Welcome to the beginning of a new level of health!  

At the Hive Healing House we believe health is not limited to merely recuperating from illness but about elevating the body from developing chronic disease.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views the body as a system of relationships. Like all relationships the balance of the whole depends upon the health of it’s individual parts.  When one aspect of this harmonious relationship becomes disturbed, illness occurs.  When the organ system relationships are thriving the individual will experience a fulfilled mind, body & spirit.

Your body has untapped energy and a natural ability to heal at any point. Much like the care for your home or vehicle, your body requires daily maintenance to operate on the highest levels of health. Environment, exercise patterns, food choices and your emotions holistically collaborate to create your individual balance. However, when faced with trauma, stress or poor lifestyle choices, the body forgets how to live in balance.

Acupuncture & herbs can powerfully stimulate the body into recalling how to function properly again.